Big Shuriken 2

Rev. B - Discontinued

The Byakko CPU Cooler excels with its small dimensions which are ideal for usage in compact environments. Three 6 mm heatpipes transport the heat from the high-quality base-plate, made of nickel-plated copper, to the compact heat-sink. Meanwhile, the complete cooler reaches a total height of only 130 mm. The heatsink itself is not located directly above the base plate, but slightly offset due to curved heat pipes. This prevents the cooler from blocking the memory banks, allowing the installation of memory modules with passive heatsinks without any problems. In summary, the Byakko is a compact and light-weight CPU Cooler with superior compatibility, easy installation and good cooling performance.

Asymmetrical Design

The asymmetrical arrangement of the base plate results in a convenient distance to the memory banks and the heatsink structures of the mainboard. 

Easy Clip Mounting System

This easy and fast to use mounting system utilizes a straightforward mounting clip (AMD) or pushpins (Intel) for a user-friendly and reliable installation. 

Compact Dimensions

Compact dimensions and a height of only 130 mm allow usage even in cases with rather limited space without compromising performance.