The successor of the Fuma cooler, FUMA 2 is designed with new concept and inspiration. Utilize dual Kaze Flex 120 fans with Reverse Airflow concept, FUMA 2 offers up to 15% cooling performance than previous version. The asymmetrical and cutout design give unlimited compatibility to RAM zoom. Six sintered heatpipes with dual radiators provide top-tier performance, the 3rd fan is option to maximize cooling capability for highest demand such as gamers or overclockers.

Dual Fans/Radiators

Dual heatsinks and fans designs with 6 sintered heatpipes provide great heat dissipation and superior airflow efficiency. Overall 155mm in height fits most popular computer cases on the market.

Asymmetric Design

The asymmetrical design provides maximum space for the memory slots(front bank), the cut-out fin improves memory compatibility allowing installation of tall memory heatsink up to 55 mm for LGA2011(V3)/ LGA 2066 motherboards.

Reverse Jet Flow

Two Kaze Flex 120 fans (25mm&15mm) rotate in opposite directions creating higher static pressure and more stable airflow. 3rd fan is option to maximize cooling performance.




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