New edition of Shuriken family, the Shuriken 2 is great cooling solution for SFF enthusiasts. Standing only 58mm tall, this cooler perfectly fits most Small Form Factor cases. With its small footprint, there is no interference with RAM and PCI-E cards on market. Compact yet no compromise, Shuriken 2 delivers great cooling power with 5 heatpipes and copper base plate. 

Compact and Quiet 

Compact size with only 58mm in height, Shuriken 2 is newly designed low profile cooler for Small Form Factor computers(Mini ITX PC, HTPC). 
With Kaze Flex 92mm slim PWM fan (Sealed Precision FDB) for long lifespan and quiet operation.

Zero Interference 

Complied with Keep Out Zone design guide by INTEL and AMD, Shuriken 2 would not interfere with RAM, PCI-E card on motherboards.  

Small yet Performance

Copper base and 4 heatpipe design, this cooler offers small footprint and great performance as well.


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