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Introducing Mugen 6: The Ultimate CPU Cooler Series

Scythe Editor


Introducing Mugen 6: The Ultimate CPU Cooler Series

Craftsmanship Legacy Today, Scythe unveils the Mugen 6 series, Representing our latest innovation of CPU cooling technology. With over two decades of expertise, Scythe, the esteemed Japanese CPU cooling brand, proudly introduces the Mugen 6 (SCMG-6000) and Mugen 6 Dual Fan Black Edition (SCMG-6000DBE). These high-performance 6-heat pipe single tower CPU coolers continue Scythe's tradition of excellence.

Key Features:  1. Enhanced Heatsink Design:

  • The Mugen 6 boasts a 45% increase in fin count while maintaining a sleek height of only 154mm.

  • Equipped with 6 high quality nickel-plated copper heat pipes, integrated into a premium aluminum heatsink.

  • Achieves enhanced thermal conductivity through a higher fin density array. The improved soldering process ensures a tighter bond between the heat pipes and the aluminum base, ensuring better heat dissipation performance.

  • The H.P.M.S. V is SCYTHE 5th Gen spring-loaded mounting system that provides a secure fit and optimal contact pressure on the CPU. Easy to install, H.P.M.S. V offers full AMD AM5 and Intel LGA 1700 support.

2. Zero-Interference Design, Universal fit:

  • The Mugen 6 heatsink offset design ensures compatibility with various cases and motherboards.

  • Completely avoids interference with front-row RAM slots and VRM heatsinks on the motherboard's backside. 

  • Ideal for small form factor cases and Mini-ITX motherboards, offering exceptional compatibility and performance.  

3. Silent Operation: 

  • Includes the newly launched Scythe Wonder Tornado 120mm Fan, featuring a 9-blade vortex-type design.

  • Re-adjusted fan hub-to-blade ratio ensures excellent silent performance while reaching a maximum speed of 2000RPM.

  • Provides powerful airflow while remaining remarkably quiet.

Experience unparalleled CPU cooling performance with Mugen 6. Perfect for users seeking a balance between efficient cooling and a low-noise experience.

*The SCMG-6000 comes with one Wonder Tornado 120 fan, while the SCMG-6000DBE comes with two.

Mugen 6 Dual Fan Black Edition,

The Mugen 6 alongside its dual fan black edition, boasting a sleek, uniform black finish on all components, enhanced with special E-Coating. This distinctive coating maintains optimal cooling performance without compromise. Paired with two Wonder Tornado 120mm fans, it ensures flagship-level performance.


The Mugen 6 / Mugen 6 DBE will be available on US Amazon/Newegg by end of Feb 2024. For other regions, please contact the local distributors and resellers.


Model Number: SCMG-6000/ SCMG-6000DBE Dimensions: SCMG-6000, W132.0 x D106.0 x H154.0 mm (incl. fan) / SCMG-6000 DBE , W132.0 x D132.0 x H154.0 mm (incl. fan x 2) /           Weight: SCMG-6000, 1013 g / 35.7 oz SCMG-6000DBE, 1197 g / 42 oz CPU Sockets: Intel: LGA 1700 / 1200 / 115X / 2066 AMD: AM5 / AM4 Fan Dimensions: Wonder Tornado 120 : 120 mm x 120 mm x 26 mm (w/ Anti-Vibration Rubber) Fan Speed: PWM 350-2000 RPM ​

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