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Thermal Elixer G

High Performance Thermal Paste


Thermal Elixer G is a new generation of Scythe thermal compound. Featuring unique formula with Graphene inside, the TE-G has superior performance and long-term stability. Non-corrosive and not electrically conductive, the TE-G is suitable to use CPU and GPU applications that require demanding performance such as overclocking or gaming.


No electrical conductivity

Thermal Elixer G is Non-Silicon and Non-corrosive grease, it is not electrically conductive. It is safe to use on all types of applications (CPU, graphic card) without causing the risk of short-circuits.


Easy to apply and clean

Thermal Elixer G is proprietary formulated grease that is easy to use and spread. Simply clean and wipe off with included cleaning wipe or tissue.


Long-term stability

High quality formula, the Thermal Elixer G remains stable and durable after a long period of usage. Once applied, it would last at least 5 years used on CPUs. 


Model Number: SCTEG-1000 

Thermal Conductivity : 11 W/m-K 

Thermal Impedance : 0.01°C -in/W 

Viscosity : 600k Cps 

Temperature : -20°C / +120 °C 

Capacity : 3.5g

Content : 3.5g syringe, spatula, cleaning wipe

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