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Scythe Launches Kotetsu Mark 3 High Performance CPU Coolr in USA.

Scythe Editor


Scythe, the CPU Cooling Brand from Japan is proudly announcing the new CPU Cooler Kotetsu Mark 3 today. The compact Kotetsu Mark 3 is a 154mm tall high performance CPU Air Cooler backed with 4x6mm premium nickel-plated heat pipes that works firmly with the aluminum heatsink to maximize the heat dissipation. Measuring only 80mm in depth, the slim asymmetric heatsink tower design offers 100% full clearance for RAMs and will not overhang the VRM heatsink of motherboards in the rear. This feature and SCYTHE latest HPMS V Lite Mounting System make Kotetsu Mark 3 highly compatible with the latest AM5 motherboards for AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 and LGA1700 motherboards for Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake.The stunning cooling performance also thanks to the sturdy nickel-plated copper base which transfers effectively heat from high TDP processors and CPUs. Featuring Scythe renowned Kaze Flex II PWM fan, the 120mm Quiet PC Case Fan runs up to 1500 RPM which generates powerful airflow yet a silent operation. Topped off with the black-brushed top cover, the aesthetic shape is made with top-tier craftsmanship for DIY PC Builders.The Kotetsu Mark 3 is now officially available in USA, Japan and Taiwan.US Customers can now purchase the Kotetsu Mark 3 directly on Amazon and Newegg SCYTHE Store Front.Buy Now On Amazon: Kotetsu Mark 3  

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Model Number: SCKTT-3000

  • Dimensions: W138.0 x D80.0 x H154.0 mm (

  • Weight: 723 g / 25.5 oz

  • Sockets: Intel: LGA 1700 / 1200 / 115X 

                  AMD: AM5 / AM4

  • Fan: Kaze Flex II 120 PWM fan, 300-1500 RPM       

For more information, please visit Scythe product page: 

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